Hello, I am Ben. It’s nice to (kinda) meet you.

If you are new here then well done for finding this page. Really this blog is just an opportunity for me to get thoughts and ideas out of my head and onto paper. If something resonates then let me know, if it is helpful then share it, if it catastrophic and insane then tell me how you see it. Let this be a conversation starter rather than the final word.

As this section is supposed to be about me here are a few things to know. I am married to the most beautiful woman in Manchester. I have two amazing boys whose job in life seems to be to keep me on my toes. My wife and I recently planted a church called soulcity. If you are ever in Greater Manchester then come say hi. I am unapologetically passionate about the church, mostly because church is family and I love them. My life was transformed by Jesus and I find that I can’t stop talking about that either. Which both work nicely together and probably explain how I ended up in church leadership.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch.