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  1. This is brilliant Ben. I find the curse of comparison is a killer, esp for women, and not knowing our identity in Christ either. The world puts so much pressure on both men and women, its no wonder so many people have anxiety and depression. We’re encouraged by the soul-deadening life of commerciality to keep checking what’s in fashion, what’s the latest this that or other we need for ourselves, partner, homes, children. Wouldn’t it be great if all christians could create a kingdom culture where that stuff didn’t matter at all, we lived simple lives turned our backs on commerciality, created our own freedom banks, only bought ethically, walked lightly on the earth, lived sustainably, shared possessions, like the early church, and really understood we’re all unique and loved for who we are, not who we want to be. Trouble is I’m as bad, I don’t reject it all, I pick and choose and compare. Its time to stop, and be myself. I’m a masterpiece! God’s poetry, still more to write! Thank You for your spoken word. You have a gift of words and true compassion for the lost and confused to know who they are.

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