Dave Bowers My story in my words

Everybody loves Dave! His smile and personality is infectious. He was the first person to make a decision to follow Jesus at soulcity church and it has been a joy to be part of his journey, so I asked him to share his story. So here it is, Dave’s story in his own words:

I didn’t have much in my life. After 31 years of marriage and 2 kids I ended up losing my job, my house and my marriage. I had some money but not happiness. I used to go out round Stockport walking just to get out and meet people. I think I felt numb, not like I was living, just existing. I think that the only thing that kept me going was my son.

One morning, I went out walking. There was a few people out and about being friendly. As I got to the top of the market I just thought, I’ll go back home now. I would usually have gone straight back but for some reason I decided to go down towards the shops again. As I walked down the hill I got halfway down and I heard a beautiful sound: music and people singing. I could feel my heart lifting and I was drawn to this sound like a magnet.

I am not a nosy person but I tried to look in through the windows. I couldn’t see anything so I went to the door and saw people worshipping. I thought, I cant go in but then luckily enough I was so wrapped up with watching that I didn’t notice someone had spotted me and came to the door to invite me in. She was really encouraging and I thought, this is fantastic.

I sat down, everyone was so lovely. A young man was speaking and sharing stories from the Bible. Then some girls offered to pray with me and it touched my heart. I welled up and was crying. It was like a release. Something lifted and I felt cleansed. Afterwards, I left and realised that this is what has been missing from my life. I needed something spiritual, I needed Jesus. He healed, in one moment, all the pain I had been going through. It was better than I had felt for years and things have only got better since.

I said straight away that I wanted to be baptised. I wanted it as I had never had the choice before. That was incredibly special as well.

Since then I have been progressing and have been looking forward to church every week. I still walk around Stockport but with a different frame of mind. I have begun seeing things I hadn’t seen before, beauty in people. I feel love coming through me whereas before I was walking around aimlessly and not caring; I was selfish. Those feelings have disappeared and now I feel alive, purposeful and focused.

I feel like my life is leading somewhere. This is all through me meeting God that day. I am so thankful for what has happened. This is the biggest and best thing that has happened to me in my life. I have never felt so good. Better than sport or anything. I have had seven years of hell and now I have a different life.

I’d like to say for anyone who has doubts or who is struggling in your life and cant see a way out. I’d like to say don’t give up. Don’t shut yourself away and try to think less about difficult things. Think more! Don’t shut your mind to possibilities. I never used to think about God or Jesus but since I started to believe in God my life has changed completely.

It is like starting again.

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