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I love my laptop. It is 7 years old now and is still going strong. However, as it has got older I have found that the memory has filled up. There are all of these files and applications that I am sure that I don’t need or use anymore but I don’t want to lost something that is important.

Every now and then I get to the point where I want to add a new file or programme and realise that the drive is full. This isn’t a surprise. As my laptop comes close to capacity you feel the difference. Everything moves slower. Applications take a little longer to open. Everything feels struggled. So, I go through and delete any old or unwanted files in order to lighten the laptop and create space for new content to be created.

Here is the thing. You can’t create new content when your full of old content. You have to let something go in order to take hold of something new. And this always feels a bit like a risk. Even if it is something that hasn’t been useful for years.

However big or small, letting go takes a moment or bravery, a leap of faith.

In life, most people’s focus is how do I carry as much as possible with me? So, we fill our time, we fill our passions, we fill our homes and while we may be moving everything slows down.

Change the question. The ones who move fastest are those who are not held hostage by their yesterdays but who respect them enough to use them as a platform for their tomorrow. They monkey bar their way to victory. Moving quickly and lightly. They have free time which creates opportunity. What was necessary in your last season may be the very thing that is preventing you from entering the next. Rather than what do I have to let go, ask yourself what do I get to drop today to move as fast as possible?

Think ninja.

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